Saturday, November 20, 2010

A women loving a crossdressor is a newe experiences?

I have been dating men.. ONLY men.. and well they cant seem to want to be the man i need them too be.. So just in the last few weeks i have gone on a few new sites for crossdressors.. men who like to dress up as women.

they want to cook and clean they want to put on make up and be pretty. they love lipstick and fingernail polish.. and love cloths

now they can also change the sparkplugs in the car and fix the roof and change a light bulb.

So a women who is bold and career minded a women who has to alwasys be in charge is looking for the wrong men..

How many kids 18yrs old, men in there 20 to 60's are cross dressors.. i had no idea this even existed

so are you looking for women to love you or men?? i guess is the question.. or are you bi-..

i know i want a man who is a full time women all the time and can let me the WOMEN.. be the man in the house and be pampard by the man. who will give me baths and cook and massages..

Are you a cross dressor..???A women loving a crossdressor is a newe experiences?
Not all cross-dressers are like that. Most men that are cross-dressers do it to perform, or because they want to be a women. Others do it just cause they like the cloths. Most don't do it just cause there in touch with there feminine side. But if you really are attracted to that sort of thing and think you want to, go for it. One more thing, alot of cross-dressers are gay.