Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I need help with a 2001 VW GTI V6....?

i just bought this car and after doing a full tuneup it still runs like a piece of crap. weak power, acceleration is not smooth, and sometimes it dies on me when it idles. for the tuneup i changed the sparkplugs, air filter, fuel filter, cleaned the mass airflow sensor, and changed the oil. the sparkplug wires look fine to me.

the check engine light is on so i brought it in for a diagnostic and they gave me the following codes after running it on the computer: 0113, 0102, and 1142. the guy told me to clean the %26quot;intake air temp sensor%26quot; but i can't find it. i found the mass airflow sensor and cleaned that with a spray and put it back in....

how can i fix this darn thing? where is the intake air temp sensor?

also, for extra credit answer the following questions:

1. how do i get the %26quot;airbag%26quot; error light to turn off? can i just take out a fuse?

2. how do i get the seat heaters to work? i checked the fuse and it's fine, but they still dont get hot.I need help with a 2001 VW GTI V6....?
Those are some strange codes, I've never seen them, and I've seen a lot of codes on Mk4 GTI's. There's a chance your MAF sensor may be dead, but I would not be sure enough to suggest replacing it. It's one of the two most common parts on your car to fail. The intake air temp sensor is on the intake manifold IIRC.

There is no way to get rid of the airbag light short of getting whatever is broken fixed. You could take apart the dash and take the bulb out.

Sounds like you need a trip to a good VW shop. Also, try posting these issues on the forums. They are by far the most popular VW forums out there, some very knowledgeable people on there.I need help with a 2001 VW GTI V6....?
if you want to keep your cars for many years buy yourself a Haynes Repair Manual. there you will get all the answers to your questions. it will tell you what codes mean too.