Wednesday, November 24, 2010

1978 PE250 not getting full power?

I have a 2 stroke PE250, when I start it, it does not get full power. It starts up pretty easy but just doesn't give the power it is suppose too. I know it could need a top end I suppose but I was wondering if anything else can cause this lack in power. A few things I currently do not have the boot that goes from the airintake to the carb connected and was wondering if this could be a result. I have already changed out the sparkplug. The acceleration cable is loose but does still seem to work properly. How can I check compression myself, will that let me know if i need a new top end or maybe the timing may be off.1978 PE250 not getting full power?
You're not running an air filter?

Without a filter, dirt enters the engine through the carburetor and wears out all the internal parts - including the piston.

You can purchase a compression tester from Sears, Harbor Freight, etc. be sure to get the correct spark plug thread size. You should get at least 100 psi after 5 or 10 kicks.

My guess is you'll need to bore it. But unless you have a good quality air filter, the damage will occur again.

Figure out a way to attach a filter, then worry about a rebuild.

If the throttle cable is stretched, it may not be opening the slide completely when you've got the throttle wide open.

Timing is static on these - no way to change it, so it wouldn't be off.