Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Are these my spark plug grommets?

those 4 big circles in the engine.. are those my spark plug grommets?

my spark plugs are leaking oil and someone told me to change the spark plug grommets and galve cover gasket.

one of my sparkplugs is drenched in oil. the other ones arnt as bad.

how do i take the spark plug grommets out?

where can i buy spark plug grommets?

im in vancouver, canada

nissan altima GXE 98Are these my spark plug grommets?
I would replace the valve cover gaskets before you tear into the engine. If you had oil being forced up around the spark threads the engine would not run at all.Are these my spark plug grommets?

Inside the valve cover there are four steel tubes with O rings at both ends.

The %26quot;grommets are for the bolt holes to hold the valve cover on.