Wednesday, November 24, 2010

1989 Toyota Camry Owners or Previous Owners?

I currently own an DLX v6 89 camry and am looking for advice to improve my gas mileage %26quot;19 city/ 24 highway mpg%26quot;

but I'm only getting about 18 on the highway for some reason

Please answer as many of my questions as you can, I appreciate your help

1) How do I know how much air to pump into my tires? (size: P195/60R15)

2) What kind of oil should I use to change my oil and is 5 quarts enough for a v6 engine?

3) What kind of antifreeze/coolant fluid do I use (color)?

4) Engine hesitates sometimes on startup, then dies, making me restart the engine again, could this be the sparkplugs?

5) Any additional advice you can give me?1989 Toyota Camry Owners or Previous Owners?
1 35 lbs should be enough for that size

2 Depending on the miles on the motor and the temps you drive in, 10w40 to 20w50, if you have high mileage, as i suppose you do and you drive in hot temps you can even mix the to. 20w50 is thicker oil for higher mileage motors and higher temps. Start with 4 and a half quarts on a fresh oil change and start the engine. Shut it off and check the level and add accordingly.

3 It takes green, but you can get coolant that will work for any type or color (universal).

4 Yes it could be plugs, but if that doesnt work, try cleaning the throttle body.

5 The back valve cover and the front seals by the timing belt love to leak oil on these higher mileage motors. Hope that helps and Good Luck to you.1989 Toyota Camry Owners or Previous Owners?
your tire pressure is sometimes located on the sticker on the driver side door jamb or in the owners manual. you cant go by the tire because every car is different us conventional motor oil which ever weight it calls for an change it every 3000 miles have your coolant changed every 2-3 years unless it is really bad then trust your mechanic on how often to get caught up try changing your plugs and wires it sounds more like your wires are bad most importantly change your air filter you can also have your fuel filter changed1989 Toyota Camry Owners or Previous Owners?
Keep your tires at about 30 psig cold

Oil will depend on the climate but 10W40 to 5W 30 will be fine

Coolant does not matter

Need a tune up, plugs rotor gas and air filter

Driving style will save the most millage anticipate stops, easy acceleration, keep your highway speeds at 55, don't idle for long periods of time etc1989 Toyota Camry Owners or Previous Owners?
1) 35psi.2)get 6 qts. im sure it leaks.3)green.4)tune up cold start valve-injector. water in gas intake needs to be cleaned out. new air filter.