Saturday, November 20, 2010

Car help!! mechanic is being an ***.?

i own a chevy cavalier 99,with 170 miles on it. my car recently has been cutting off when i stop at signal lights or stops signs. anytime the car is at a complete stop it will cut off.. i cut it back on, and i cuts off really quick. as soon as i turn it back on it cuts off. now we took to a mechanic and he cheked the sparkplugs and told us to change the sparkplugs and wires. my friend is taking some autotech classes so he knows some stuff. so he changed the sparkplugs and wires. after we did that, the check engine light came up and a %26quot;ets off%26quot; light came up too.. Now when the car shifts gears you feel like its pulling u. we took it back to the mechanic and he said it was the air sensor. he replaced it and now he's trying to take ets light out. but he couldnt do it. now hes saying that i can go over there and he'll take the new sensor out and put the old one, and he wont charge me a thing. i want to see if my friend can do it himself. how hard is it? and is that the problem? a sensor?Car help!! mechanic is being an ***.?
My daugthers car was doing that, we got the spark plugs replaced still was doing the same thing, works out it was the thing that brings the spark to the plug that needed replaced, sorry cant remember the name of it, it wasn't expensive thou, she had no bother after that. oh just for the record, to put it on that machine, it cost us 拢100 for it to tell us it needed spark plugs, the machine was wrong!!!Car help!! mechanic is being an ***.?
a sensor is quite possible...Car help!! mechanic is being an ***.?
First you should had got a computer test of the system. It will tell you if a sensor or sensors have gone bad. He was right to tell you it needed spark plugs. Will make a note here. Go the liberey go into the ref; section with your friend. Look up air sensor. Or mast flow air sensor. When I was working as mechanic in 1999. The air sensor was part of the computer. That why would that it to the shop were you can get a computer read out. Or you cold that it to the locate col: that has an automative course. But from what I am hearing. I would say it is a computer controled item. Such as troller semsor or EGR. Cause plugs gave power back. These two sensors will cause it to cut off and turn the light on. They can case other problem. Even to burn out the computer air sensor. The computer is several hundred dollors. And not low cost at used part yard or junk yard. Rebuild are about half the cost if can find one.Car help!! mechanic is being an ***.?
you say it shuts off as soon as you start it?. try cleaning the throttle body and check the gas filter, also it might be the torque converter sensor.