Saturday, November 20, 2010

Engine overhaul need help pls?

I have a 1997 Chevy Camaro Rs v6 3.8 engine and i wanted to know how much would it be for an engine overhaul?My car has 108,101 miles and my engine is making knocking sound coming from the internal engine i recently had my gasket changed sparkplugs and i did a fuel injector cleaner i also put premium gas but still knocking it's not loud but you can hear it only when my car is on (P) and i open the hood but when i'm driving i dont hear it what am i better of doing new engine or engine overhaul?Engine overhaul need help pls?
get a remanufactured engine.Engine overhaul need help pls?
If the noise you hear is a lifter, it's not that big of a deal. It comes from a little too much clearance in the valve lifter and you don't have to fix it if you don't mind the noise. This kind of noise does not get louder when accelerating hard.

A rod knock, on the other hand, is serious. It means you have only a little time left for the engine if you don't get it fixed. It is a different sound and it gets much louder when the engine is under load (when you accelerate).

There are a lot of other kinds of noises that an engine can make that range from nothing at all to worry about to very serious. Unfortunately, even a trained mechanic sometimes needs more than the sound to know the cause.

Without being able to listen to the noise or look at the engine, what you will get here for answers (including mine) are pure guesses.Engine overhaul need help pls?
thats less than half of that engines life if you kept the oil and filter done at regular intervals//you need to pinpoint that noise before you go through a great deal of expense and find out its a stone jammed in the crank pulley and thats the noise/or a cracked flywheel/or loose flywheel/or water pump or pwr steering pump pulleythere are procedures for finding out all of those noises/thats how i know about themEngine overhaul need help pls?
Anything internal is going to involve a complete tear down and rebuild. Depending on where you take it, it can end up costing you between $800-2000 or more. Good luck!Engine overhaul need help pls?
Take it to a real good mechanic and find out what it is.