Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sparkplug question?

I need to change the sparkplugs in my car and I was wondering is there really a difference between the cheap sparkplugs and the expensive ones? My brother said that if I buy the more expensive ones my car will go faster. It's an all wheel drive so how much faster can it really go?Sparkplug question?
The platinum plugs will last longer and give you a slight performance edge, but if I were you, just buy the best plugs you can afford. I have seen cases where platinum plugs installed in a car that was not originally equipped with them have problems starting in very cold weather. If the car came with platinum plugs, replace them with platinum. Try to stick with OEM plugs, eg: AC Delco for GM, Autolite for Fords, Champion for Chrysler, NGK or Nippondenso for asian imports. Especially the GM, they seem to run best on AC plugs, other brands have been known to cause misfire problems.Sparkplug question?
just stick with oe plugs and you will be very happy. if you start installing other types of parts you will start having problems.Sparkplug question?
In almost all cases, you get what you pay for. The cheaper ones will not last as long. Of course there are a lot of variables to consider. Do your plugs foul often because of oil leakage, do they ash from bad air/fuel mixtures and so on. One car I had ran through plugs every six months, I switched to the more expensive Bosch Platinums and never had to replace them, just clean them, regap and go on down the road.

Hope this helps.Sparkplug question?
There is a point that additional cost yields no more value.

There is also a point at which lower cost yields no real savings.

As a minimum buy platinum plugs, less then that and you will have to replace them so soon that there will be no cost savings.

I use double platinum's because they come pre-gaped and I think I get better performance (seat of the pants, and 2 mpg if I drive sane).

Beyond that I am not sure, for example iridium's are worth the extra cost, because I have not tried them.Sparkplug question?
i actually agree with jer812 i accidentially clicked the wrong button. oe plugs that the manufacturer reccomendsSparkplug question?
I love to spoil a good time so here we go again, a good quality spark plug will work well. Platinum plugs will last longer and if the plugs on your vehicle are hard to replace I would go with the platinum plugs. As far as improving the fuel mileage, as long as your car isn't running poorly such as skipping due to worn out plugs, no plug on its own is going to improve your mileage or horsepower. Changing your air filter has a much better chance of improving fuel mileage.Sparkplug question?
Go with the OEM plugs like the manual recommends, do your maintenance like the book says, treat your car nicely and will last you a very long time...