Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Spark plugs on 2006 saturn ion 2.2 liter?

I was in the process of changing sparklugs on my saturn when I had to stop because I didnt have the right socket. All I did was remove the cap above the sparkplugs and then put it back on. Now the car is misfiring and I suspect one of the sparkplugs is not igniting. How do I fix this.Spark plugs on 2006 saturn ion 2.2 liter?
well since you didnt have the right socket for the spark plugs then im assuming you never removed any of the plugs so the only thing is that you either mixed up the spark plug wires or you didnt push the wire on the spark plug hard enough usually youll hear kind of a little click when you put the wire on the plug but i think you most likely just mixed up some wires