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Spark plugs on 2006 saturn ion 2.2 liter?

I was in the process of changing sparklugs on my saturn when I had to stop because I didnt have the right socket. All I did was remove the cap above the sparkplugs and then put it back on. Now the car is misfiring and I suspect one of the sparkplugs is not igniting. How do I fix this.Spark plugs on 2006 saturn ion 2.2 liter?
well since you didnt have the right socket for the spark plugs then im assuming you never removed any of the plugs so the only thing is that you either mixed up the spark plug wires or you didnt push the wire on the spark plug hard enough usually youll hear kind of a little click when you put the wire on the plug but i think you most likely just mixed up some wires

How much does a a tuneup for a 2000 honda accord cost? I have some large varied quotes.?

I jave a 2000 4 cylinder honda accord. This is my first time to get a tuneup on a honda accord, i took it to the dealer and they said they dont do tuneups, but do service plans that includes other stuff which would cost me $399 for and if it needs spark plugs it would be an additional $300, total 699. I've had cars before and done tuneups and only cost me like 50.00. I went to an independant auto service place, and they quoted me 60.00 and 90.00 with top of the line platinum sparkplugs. Why is there so much difference? I've never done a tuneup on a honda. Any one what have any of you paid for a tuneup or change of spark plugs if you have a honda? these seems very expensive and a big price gap.How much does a a tuneup for a 2000 honda accord cost? I have some large varied quotes.?
First off Never go to dealer for things you can do youself and a dealer that says they dont do tune-ups but want to sell u a service plan is B.S all that means is they want to get 4 times the money to do a simple tune-up. At very least they should Sell a basic Tune and then if they want to rip u off try to sell u the plan but to not give u an option i wouldnt let them put air in my tires again if U. Cost of a tunes depends on what all you want the tune to include Where i work we have options Basic tune is PLugs clean Throttle body set timing air filter. Your car about $100 est. Major tune is all from basic + wires cap rotor fuel filter about $250 but do it your self in you need info to do email me kmp1171@att.netHow much does a a tuneup for a 2000 honda accord cost? I have some large varied quotes.?
oh my ****** god dude

go spend like a fraction on the oil and spark plugs and oil filter and all that crap and go google %26quot;How to perform a tune-up%26quot; on google and read up

you can save yourself thousandsHow much does a a tuneup for a 2000 honda accord cost? I have some large varied quotes.?
I used to have a honda civic by the way, they are a great car. I would buy the best things and I would spend around 40-50 dollars..Its easy to do a tune up..I would recommend that you should do it yourself so you can have the extra money...I WOULD NEVER SERVICE MY VEHICLES ON A DEALER, THEY ARE A RIP OFF!!!!!!How much does a a tuneup for a 2000 honda accord cost? I have some large varied quotes.?
agreed dont go to delership go to a small time mechanic shop if you cant do it your self, pay no more than 40 when u buy the parts at most, also cheap spark plugs are just as good plus if you buy the parts before you bring then to the mechanic itll be even cheaper.GOOD TIP - rub some oil on your hands wear some ripped up dirty jeans and maybe a lil on the face walk in like you own the place with the parts and say %26quot;I NEED THESE PUT IN THATS IT%26quot;wait for him to offer you a price. for the parts go to autozone tell the what kinda car you got and what u need and theyll hook you up but even the try to give u the most expensive parts cuz they make more commission so tell them U want the least expensive


Sparkplugs 1.99 eachHow much does a a tuneup for a 2000 honda accord cost? I have some large varied quotes.?
If you can just get someone to replace plugs and wires,check or replace the dist, cap and replace belts if needed. Should cost about fifty if you do it on at the most about 150.00 if you take it someplace. My advice is keep the oil changed and if it aint broke dont fix it

Problem with my car.?

my ford feista keeps cutting out when i change down in to either 1st or 2nd. it doesnt stall or make any noise it just turns off. it also will stall if im not moving whether im in gear (with the clutch in) or not in gear, unless i keep the accelerator pressed in a bit.

ive taken it to 2 macanics. one cleaned something and the other replaced the oil filter, air filter and the sparkplugs. the second did stop it for a week ot two but its doing it agen.

a friend says her daughters fiesta is doing the same thing and that a friend had a simaler problem and it was something to do with a box under the car (know idea what it is)

he said to have it put on a digonostic machine.

so my Q's are.

Does any one know what is the problem with it and what needs to be done to fix it?


How much would it cost if i have to put it on a dignostic machine? (as my normal machinic aint got one) (uk prices please not dollers)

ThanksProblem with my car.?
Depends on the age of the Fiesta as to whether you will get much info out of a diagnostic reading. Ford garages will charge you about 拢45 - 拢60 plus VAT for a diagnostic reading but there are mobile diagnostic engineers around who will come to you and read the computer on your car - my husband does it. So check your Yellow Pages and and get a diagnostic reading first before you start changing parts and spending lots of money!Problem with my car.?
could be a fuel problemProblem with my car.?

need to be looking for air leaks

on the induction side

as these motors are a sealed circuit

idle control

any air leak will cause this problemProblem with my car.?
depending on the year you can take to a autozone parts store and they plug it in for no charge.Problem with my car.?
It could be the mass air flow meter/sensor. The same thing happened on my Audi A3 (Specific makes have specific problems but the fact is that cars are cars and they all work the same). It cost me 拢140.00 to go on the diagnostic machine and get it fixed (But that was a back street garage who specialise in VW and Audi), main dealers would charge near 拢100 just for the diagnostics as they make you pay for the use of the machine PLUS 1 hour of labour for the mechanic to sit in your car pressing buttons on the machine.

As you can tell my advise (As long as the car is out of warranty) is to find a local mechanic who knows Fords - there are loads around if your prepared to go down the back streets rather than shiny dealerships, you will be amazed at the savings.

94' accord with 186K, how to make it run & last longer?

i just baught this car for $600 from my buddy, the car is freshly inspected 3-09 and is in great shape besides 2 dents. the car has 186K and i have ordered a few parts to hopefully make this car last a little longer, if you have any tips or anything useful i'd greatly apperciate it.

ive baught new headers cause the stock ones are from 94' and the heat shield rattles and annoys me so i got new one for $62 from ebay, i also baught a new intake$40(i'm not trying to turn it into a ricer) new sparkplugs $20, oil filter$ 10 and am getting a fuel filter $10 aswell...i am going to get highmileage oil when i change the oil this weekend as well as a tranny flush....any other suggestions would be great! thanks, richard94%26039; accord with 186K, how to make it run %26amp; last longer?
It sounds as if you had it checked out and its ok. Just keep up with the regular maintenance. Change the oil, belts, and filters.

The serpentine belts are on the front of your engine block. They run off the crank and powers your a/c compressor, alternator, power steering, and water pump.

Check the timing belt too. That connects your crank to the cams. If it slips or breaks your car will either run poorly or not start at all.

Don't worry about warming the engine up before driving. Its a waste of money. Just don't drive the it hard until the engine is warmed up.94%26039; accord with 186K, how to make it run %26amp; last longer?
Looks like you're doing all the right things. I would flush all the fluids and just stay on top of the oil. Seems like you're gonna give it a basic tune up and it shouldn't give you any serious problems. Don't forget to replace the serpentine belt.94%26039; accord with 186K, how to make it run %26amp; last longer?
You really have two belts. One runs the alternator and the other runs the power steering and A/C. You really don't want either to break.

Also, don't forget the timing belt if not done already.94%26039; accord with 186K, how to make it run %26amp; last longer?
all of the above are make it last longer? find a low mileage engine..ull realize all the power u gained back from a low milage engine ..for a $600 1994 accord its well worth it to give it a new heart and sell ur motor for the price u bought the car 2 pennies94%26039; accord with 186K, how to make it run %26amp; last longer?
Tips to make it last:

1. Change the oil. Frequently.

2. Warm the engine before driving (painful to do with gas at $3.75 but I consider it an investment in making the engine last longer. I think it's working).

3. Go gently on the accelerator.

4. If there is anything wrong, have it fixed promptly.

My current vehicle is a 1990 plymouth voyager mini-van. Currently at 325,000 miles and still running well. Previous vehicle was identical year and model, had 264,000 when tranny went out and it was cheaper to buy another vehicle. Vehicle prior to that was GMC Jimmy with about 325,000 miles on it when I gave it away.94%26039; accord with 186K, how to make it run %26amp; last longer?
ur going to need to change ur timing belt and head gasket and ur water pump its a thing ur going to need if ur going to keep it for a long time

Sparkplug gap mustang 2000 v6 wrong?

i replaced my sparkplugs for my mustang and they were all gapped at around .063

these spark plugs were put in before i bought the car, and i think the dealership had them changed

i know its supposed to be .054, and thats what i put the new ones at, but why would those be so far off...and how would that affect the car's performance then and now and how would the difference wear the car down?

basically, my question is, is it a big deal that they werent what they are supposed to be?

thanksSparkplug gap mustang 2000 v6 wrong?
Not a big deal, but if you're concerned, its easy to pull the plugs and re-gap them to the correct gap!Sparkplug gap mustang 2000 v6 wrong?
Modern coils are quite capable of firing an extra .009 gap with no ill effects. It was just a mistake by someone.You have nothing to worry about.

MikeSparkplug gap mustang 2000 v6 wrong?
You can gap the plug more until the point where the coil doesn't produce enough spark to jump the gap. Which will result in a misfire. With a bigger gap, you can burn fuel more efficiently, but it can make it harder to start on colder days.
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  • Are these my spark plug grommets?

    those 4 big circles in the engine.. are those my spark plug grommets?

    my spark plugs are leaking oil and someone told me to change the spark plug grommets and galve cover gasket.

    one of my sparkplugs is drenched in oil. the other ones arnt as bad.

    how do i take the spark plug grommets out?

    where can i buy spark plug grommets?

    im in vancouver, canada

    nissan altima GXE 98Are these my spark plug grommets?
    I would replace the valve cover gaskets before you tear into the engine. If you had oil being forced up around the spark threads the engine would not run at all.Are these my spark plug grommets?

    Inside the valve cover there are four steel tubes with O rings at both ends.

    The %26quot;grommets are for the bolt holes to hold the valve cover on.

    Tips about switching bikes?

    I was wondering how hard it is to switch from a 4 stroke 80cc to a 2 stroke 250cc any tips on how i should adapt to it??

    BQ: Any tips on how often i should check up on things in the engine,such as sparkplug oil etc.Or how often i should change them?? Thanks for reading :DTips about switching bikes?
    it would be equivalent to going from a Chevy chevette to a mclaren sports car...there's going to be a significant amount of power difference between the two.another thing to remember is that the power delivery from a 4 stroke is predictable..opposed to a 2 stroke which is unpredictable compared to a 4 a previous post said it would be a good idea to start with something smaller than a 250cc..i would have to agree.

    keep in mind that while 2 strokes are easier to rebuild (less parts),but they require more rebuild time because of the lack of's a good rule of thumb to rebuild a 2 stroke engine every 100 to 200 hours of leisure riding or if compression readings are below the manufacturers specs or every 2 to 3 races.

    another good habit if your going to be switching over to a 2 stroke is to always carry an extra spark 2 stroke engines are known for fouling the plug faster due to the oil premix that's in the fuel.also, it's always a good idea to keep your gas/oil ratio within the manufacturers specs..going too rich will make the engine spit sputter and not run right..while running the engine too lean will most certainly cause the engine running too hot and will result in engine wear,or even worse engine seize.

    hope this helps,and good luck*****Tips about switching bikes?
    that would be insane. and 80cc 4 stroke is a trail bike that is slow and torquey. a 2 stroke 250 is the equivalent of a 450 race bike. Also, being a two stroke it aint easy to ride. you really have to know what you're doing and at no point can you get lazy on it. i would really suggest like a 85 2t or maybe even a 125 2 stroke. the 250 is just too much

    the nice thing about a 2 stroke is that they dont require much maintenance. check the oil after every ride, spark plug only when it fouls. oil should be changed often. i do mine every 7-10 hours depending on how hard i rode. Since youre a newbie, take a wrench and another spark plug with you when riding. you will most likely foul one or two when getting used to it