Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How do I get my lawnmower to run?

I have a briggs and stratton motor push lawnmower with 3.5 horsepower that when primed will fire but afterwards will not run, any suggestions on what i can do to get it to run, i have replaced sparkplug and put new gas in, and changed oil and still having this trouble, please give suggestions!How do I get my lawnmower to run?
The biggest problems I've had with B%26amp;S motors over the years are always carburetor related. I think you're in for a carb rebuild. It sounds like you have a broken main gasket affecting the gasoline pump.How do I get my lawnmower to run?
Is the govenor free and moveable? check that the air filter is clean and not plugged. The govenor is controlled by the fan on the engine, as the engine slows the govenor opens the throttle. Good hunting!How do I get my lawnmower to run?
Check the air cleaner.How do I get my lawnmower to run?
I would bet that it is in carburator bowl, float may be sticking. A carb rebuild would be affective and can be done professionaly at most mower shops. Over the winter those parts tend to seize up so a shot of wd40 in the carb may work, but i usually take carb bowl off and inspect that the float and needle travels up and down without hanging up, also soak those small parts in there with wd40. Good luckHow do I get my lawnmower to run?
You have forgotten the air filter.that may be your problem. I sometimes have to prime after it starts to get good gas thru systemHow do I get my lawnmower to run?
It is possible that the carburetor jet(s) is stopped up. If the carb has a bowl under it, the brass nut that secures it also acts as the jet. It has small holes in it that act as jets for the gas and sometime become clogged. Remove it and check the holes to see if they are clogged. ...Good Luck...
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