Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Changeing Oxygen sensors?

My brother wants me to change his O2 sensor on his 93 Mitzubishi Expo LRV. He also needs his sparkplug and sparkplug wires changed. I know how to do all this i just dont know how much to charge him. Whats a good price to charge for labor?Changeing Oxygen sensors?
about $75/hour at any garage.

O2 sensor takes half an hour.

spark plugs and wires take about one hour.

So, you could charge him about $100 if he's not really your brother. A case of beer is plenty for labor charge if he's really your blood brother. I fix car free for my family's members.Changeing Oxygen sensors?
As a part time car repair technician I charge 15.00 an hour for however many hours it takes. Yes it may take me some more time than many shops but they have all the tools where I may not. Most people when you treat them honest will come back to you for more work. Don't charge for setting and chatting but for true honest work done.Changeing Oxygen sensors?
i would tell him about 75.00 for the job not really too difficultChangeing Oxygen sensors?
charge your brother?? Thats not right hes part of your family you share the same blood dont charge him our doing him a favor and he would do it for you too