Saturday, November 20, 2010

How Hard Is It To Change My Sparkplugs?

I Have A 93 Ford Aerostar-6 cylinderHow Hard Is It To Change My Sparkplugs?
I believe that most of your engine is actually located under the cowl and in the passenger compartment, much like a chevy astro van. I have done much more work on astros, and dont quite remember how different the 2 are, but I'm sure its quite similar.

The front 2 plugs are barely accessible from under the hood and it is easier to get all the plugs from underneath, and through the wheel well. By raising the car, and maybe even removing the wheels, it should be easy to acess everything.

Another way is to take apart some of the dash and remove the engine cover. Perhaps this will be easier for the do-it-yourslfer, since you probably don't have a hoist and power tools. But I can't guarantee that all the plugs will be accessible through there either. You may still have to get at some through underneath or side.

This kind of car where the engine is hidden under the cowl is by far the worse design for changing the plugs btw. If it was me I would take it to a shop. With power tools and a hoist this job becomes much easier. A mechanic that would know by heart how to access each plug could perform this job in 30-45 mins.How Hard Is It To Change My Sparkplugs?
Pretty easy job, one of the first jobs any amateur mechanic attempts. You make your life easier if you have the right tools though, so I suggest you get hold of a plug wrench.How Hard Is It To Change My Sparkplugs?
some of those had larger holes in the floor those are pretty easy the other are a little harder. at least around here those have all rotted away so i don't see them anymore.How Hard Is It To Change My Sparkplugs?
I found it hard on my 4.0.

The big problem I had was that the 1 plug was froze in place.

I read that you can do it through the wheel wells. This did not work for me.

I read do it through the passenger compartment. This did not work for me.

I ended up taking the air box out, and the alternator to get the right side. I basically had to work blind.

Maybe if I would of had a lift it would have been easy.

But once I got started and decided to go in through the front, it went quick.