Saturday, November 20, 2010

How to fix a car sputtering or cutting out?

I have a 2002 Ford focus, and as of late it has been sputtering or cutting out. It has been very rainy lately, and it almost seems like something might be getting wet, because the sputtering does decrease (but not stop entirely) after I am on the road for a bit.

It does sputter and cut out a lot when I first get going though. I am not very mechanically literate, but someone suggested %26quot;something%26quot; may be getting wet, yet this started recently and has not done it during past rainstorms.

I did put in fuel injector cleaner to see if that was the problem but no change.

I changed the sparkplugs about a year ago, and that seemed to fix what was a very slight sputter then. I gapped the plugs appropriately, using the gap tool. But I did not change the connector cables. Could this be the problem?

Any other suggestions, and how to troubleshoot and fix the problem would be greatly appreciated.How to fix a car sputtering or cutting out?
all i can think of is to make sure u have the right octane of fuel in the tank, and check the hose from the air filter box to the engine intake, there might be cracks or small holes in it . too much air intake causes sputtering because the air/fuel mixture is not right. check those 2 key areas and that should helpHow to fix a car sputtering or cutting out?
a crack in the filter box is also possible

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How to fix a car sputtering or cutting out?
First, locate remove and clean out thoroughly your IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE. It is on top of or near your throttle body. Clean the throttle body, too. Use Gum-out spray. Use it with engine off and with engine on. If you had to gap your spark plugs, you are using the WRONG plugs. Install a set of Nippondenso Iridium or Twin Tip plugs. You will be amazed at the power increase and MPG improvement. These plugs require no gapping!!! Do NOT bother to change your spark plug wires, they should last the lifetime of the car! (unless they get chewed on by angry squirrels.)