Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tips about switching bikes?

I was wondering how hard it is to switch from a 4 stroke 80cc to a 2 stroke 250cc any tips on how i should adapt to it??

BQ: Any tips on how often i should check up on things in the engine,such as sparkplug oil etc.Or how often i should change them?? Thanks for reading :DTips about switching bikes?
it would be equivalent to going from a Chevy chevette to a mclaren sports car...there's going to be a significant amount of power difference between the two.another thing to remember is that the power delivery from a 4 stroke is predictable..opposed to a 2 stroke which is unpredictable compared to a 4 a previous post said it would be a good idea to start with something smaller than a 250cc..i would have to agree.

keep in mind that while 2 strokes are easier to rebuild (less parts),but they require more rebuild time because of the lack of's a good rule of thumb to rebuild a 2 stroke engine every 100 to 200 hours of leisure riding or if compression readings are below the manufacturers specs or every 2 to 3 races.

another good habit if your going to be switching over to a 2 stroke is to always carry an extra spark 2 stroke engines are known for fouling the plug faster due to the oil premix that's in the fuel.also, it's always a good idea to keep your gas/oil ratio within the manufacturers specs..going too rich will make the engine spit sputter and not run right..while running the engine too lean will most certainly cause the engine running too hot and will result in engine wear,or even worse engine seize.

hope this helps,and good luck*****Tips about switching bikes?
that would be insane. and 80cc 4 stroke is a trail bike that is slow and torquey. a 2 stroke 250 is the equivalent of a 450 race bike. Also, being a two stroke it aint easy to ride. you really have to know what you're doing and at no point can you get lazy on it. i would really suggest like a 85 2t or maybe even a 125 2 stroke. the 250 is just too much

the nice thing about a 2 stroke is that they dont require much maintenance. check the oil after every ride, spark plug only when it fouls. oil should be changed often. i do mine every 7-10 hours depending on how hard i rode. Since youre a newbie, take a wrench and another spark plug with you when riding. you will most likely foul one or two when getting used to it