Wednesday, November 24, 2010

2003 Saab 9-3 sparkplugs help...?

How do you change the sperkplugs in a 2003 saab 9-3 and the a/c belt? I need to save some cash and if I can do it myself that is almost $150 in labor. Please help me out or send me a link.2003 Saab 9-3 sparkplugs help...?
It may sound easy that anyone can just put plugs in a car but I will tell you as a professional tech that almost every week I get customers who have taken their Saab to a general repair shop for simple repairs or do it themselves and now something is wrong with their Saab as a direct consequence of the other repairs. Last week while performing a major service, I was unable to remove a spark plug. Turns out that customers brother replaced the plugs previous year and cross threaded the plug in the Cyl head. Cost of correction $175 vs cost of plug replacement of $75. Believe me when I tell you this, it is much cheaper to have a professional saab tech do the job.

As far as what your Saab needs. I do not know any service that only requires Belt and plug replacements. Majority of Saabs on the road that does not get repaired and serviced by Saab repair shop end of failing and breaking down more often and cost much much more to keep running over the years. Your model saab requires a service that involves much more than just replacing few parts. Pay attention to the list of inspection items and make sure some one who knows your car gets to look at it. This way you dont end of driving with a worn out hose or a leak and then end up having to pay much more to get it fixed after it fails.

Now from your question, it sound like you have never replaced a spark plug or belt. If you did then you would know where the plugs are located and by looking at it would have known what to do. If you think that you are saving money, think twice and be ready to keep towing your Saab to a repair shop for work that can be spotted and fixed ahead of time by a pro. You know the old saying;


Here is a very sound advise, Take an Automotive course at the local college or trade school and get yourself familiarized with the type of car repairs you want to be doing. This way you can fix your own car and know how to fix it for the rest of your life.

Good Luck.2003 Saab 9-3 sparkplugs help...?
Assume this is a sedan, conv. is older model. Change plugs at 90k mls. They are double Pt. Remove cvr., T30. remove coils. Belt is easy when car is raised. 3/8 ratchet or breaker bar in square socket on tensioner. Reach up behind plastic shield. New belt frm. dealer, aftermarket is too short!