Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lawn Mower won't start. Any suggestions?

It's a Craftsmen 22 inch. This will be it's 3rd summer. Oil is fresh. Gas is fresh. New Spark Plug. However, last year I had to spray out the air filter and let it dry. Now here's what's happened recently. My roommate started it and it ran for less than a minute, then died. We changed the sparkplug, etc... I cleaned the air filter and let it completely dry. It sounds 'normal' whenever I try to start it but it just won't start. Do you think maybe I need to buy a brand new air filter (this summer I know where to get one - couldn't find one last summer)? Even though I've cleaned it maybe it's still clogged or something? Someone said a line or something is probally clogged from all the dust and pollen in the area but I don't know what lines or how to unclog them or if this is even the problem. Please, any suggestions would make me a happy camper :)Lawn Mower won%26039;t start. Any suggestions?
Remove the spark plug and attach it to the plugwire. Let it hang loose up against the motor. Get someone to yank on the motor while you look at the sparking end of the plug. Make sure spark coming out. If it is then do this: Shoot a little gas into the sparkplug hole and re-install the plug. Give it a yank and see if it starts. If it starts but only runs 10 seconds then you probably have a loose dip tube in the gas tank or the venturi is stopped up.It very well could be a bad filter. Try cranking it without the filter. If it runs then stick the filter back in and see if it stays running. If you have a priming bulb on the side of the venturi make sure it is not cracked or leaky. If it is then the carb won't prime and it will never crank.Lawn Mower won%26039;t start. Any suggestions?
If it started, you do not have any issues with the spark, or spark plug. The problem is that the carburetor is dirty and needs to be thoroughly cleaned. Best to take it to a small engine shop and get the job done right instead of wasting your time with the guesses you have received from others here on Yahoo Answers. They obviously don't know squat.Lawn Mower won%26039;t start. Any suggestions?
take the air filter off stick a pencil or nail whatever ,to hold the float open(its in the carburetor,round opens and closes) try starting, if it starts,then air -gas-flow problem.if it doesn't,shoot a small amount of starting fluid in that carb and try and start it,if starts definitely not getting fuel. now if still not starting then no spark,check plug wire ,kill switch if has one ect.good luck....Lawn Mower won%26039;t start. Any suggestions?
not the filter you have to find spark or gas look in the carburetor does have gas in it? take the wire off the spark plug try to start It do you see any spark from the wire you took off to the plug if you have spark and gas it has to startLawn Mower won%26039;t start. Any suggestions?
It might not be getting fuel.

Is the handle-hold-down switch/cable working? If the cable broke near the switch at the motor, the mower may think that no one's at the handle.Lawn Mower won%26039;t start. Any suggestions?
your not alone, All they sell is junk anymore is the problem! I have went Thur several lawn mowers and weed eaters in the last 5 years all new and treated with care but tear up for no reason. Plastic carb's, coils burn out and no its not your filter keeping it from running it's the manufacturers making it to tear up. If you spend enough money on one you might get one to last half as long as a 70's model. Sorry had to vent but it's true. they wont make them to last like they did before I retired a mower I used for 15 years and now they wont run for 15 months! feel better?