Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What might fix this engine problem with my '89 Buick Century?


The engine on my '89 Buick Century(V6) has lost much of its power. It doesn't accelerate well, it climbs hills at no more than 25 mph, and the engine revs very high when going on the freeway. I first thought it was a transmission problem because it seems like it is not shifting when it needs to, but I took it to a tran specialist and he said it just needed a tuneup.

So i've done this with my mechanic neighbor:

changed oil and filter

replaced sparkplugs and wires

replaced fuel filter

replaced air filter

flushed radiator

new battery

I still have the same problem, though my engine does run a little better. It also didn't pass DEQ after the tuneup, with HC just barely over the standard, and CO at 1.5 instead of 1.

Could it be a fuel injector problem, or perhaps the oxygen sensor or something electronic? How much would they cost? Thank you for any suggestions, I need to have my car fixed to drive it to Minnesota next week!What might fix this engine problem with my %26039;89 Buick Century?
I would go to an exhaust/muffler shop and have the cat converters looked at.What might fix this engine problem with my %26039;89 Buick Century?
since you've covered the trannry,is the check engine or service engine soon light on ?????If so you should have it hooked up to a scanner and have the engine data recorded,,,,could really be helpful....

a plugged or resticted catalitic converter can give you the same performance problem....

check the fuel pressure

your airflow metr can cause similar issues but is easier to check with a scannerWhat might fix this engine problem with my %26039;89 Buick Century?
It sounds like a problem with the timing. the timing belt could have stretched or jumped a tooth. Have a diagnostic test run on it and have the timing checked. This will tell you if there is any problem with any sensors or the fuel injection system or the electronics. o2 sensors are fairly cheep but you need to find out what's wrong first before you start changing stuff. that could cost you more than the diagnostic test before you figured out whats wrong.