Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I have a 02 gti vr6 after hitting a puddle?

hey i asked about my situation bfor and got great help i changed my oil, sparkplugs, battery and turned over the engine to let the water shoot out thru the holes and now got my car to the problem is that its lagging power and the engine makes a clinking noise and the exhaust smells funky like fireworks kind of so im wondering if i have a bent valve and if this sounds like it can i drive like this until i can get enough money to rebuild the head or what should i do and around how much will this cost or any other cheaper solutions.....thanks guys who helped me earlier w thisI have a 02 gti vr6 after hitting a puddle?
sounds like you were fordging water it will be alright let it run for an hour or so to let it get all the water out and dry off the belts and exaustI have a 02 gti vr6 after hitting a puddle?
if you got water in your cylinders you have big problems. The water will create too much compression and can cause bent rods, and valves. Do a compression check on the motor and see it the head gaskets blew out.

You best start looking for another motor. People will never learn to quit driving through high water. MOst all new vehicles have the air intake tubes down low in the grill so when you go through water it sucks it right in the engine and trashes the motor.
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