Saturday, November 20, 2010

How do i remove a sparkplug?

i am a female who wants to check/change the sparkplugs in my garden tractor - how do I do that w/o breaking the plug?How do i remove a sparkplug?
1) Make sure the ground cable is removed from the battery.

2) Disconnect the spark plug cable from the spark plug.

3) Attach the appropriate sized spark plug socket to your ratchet. You can test the socket on the spark plug without the ratchet. Just use your fingers to rotate the socket and feel that there is no play between the socket and the spark plug base.

4) Adjust your ratchet so that it loosens the spark plug. Righty tighty. Lefty losey. Basically you want the ratchet to turn the spark plug in a counter clockwise direction.

5) Place the socket and ratchet onto the exposed end of the spark plug.

6) Push downward (towards the spark plug) and gently start to rotate the ratchet in the counter clockwise direction. You are trying to set the socket onto the metal hexagonal base of the spark plug.

7) When you have the socket positively engaged with the base of the spark plug, rotate the ratchet again in a counter clockwise direction with a firm, steady pressure. It may take a bit to loosen the spark plug. Also, get a downward pressure on the ratchet so the socket stays on the base of the spark plug.

8) Rotate until the spark plug is removed from the engine.