Wednesday, November 24, 2010

02 GMC Envoy shaking when it stops..?

My envoy is shaking pretty bad every time it comes to a stop. I recently changed the sparkplugs and the gas filter and it is still doing it, i was told it could be the engine mount. If it was the engine mount how much could it cost to install it? And if it is not the engine mount what else could it be?

Please help. Thanks!!!02 GMC Envoy shaking when it stops..?
I have had many different kinds of cars, generally speaking a car that is shaking has a miss somewhere, you need to take it to a real mechanic, you could have anything from a bad plug wire, to a dirty sensor, also the type of gas you use helps play a role, cheapo gas from the el cheapo station, can be full of water and tiny bits of crap, which over time can plug up the small holes in fuel injectors, but first, eliminate if it is a plug wire, or a cap and rotor problem, then figure out which cylinder is misfiring at idle, there could be several reasons I only mentioned the common ones good luck a broken motor mount is not going to make the car shake,02 GMC Envoy shaking when it stops..?
rotors02 GMC Envoy shaking when it stops..?

Warped brake rotors.02 GMC Envoy shaking when it stops..?
don't worry, engine mounts are very cheap. installing it may be another story. if you hear and feel a thud whenever you suddenly gun the motor, then it's definitely a mount. But I think it may be an unbalanced engine which smooths out at higher rpms. maybe its not firing on all cylinders, you may notice a decrease in horsepower and the car might sound different.02 GMC Envoy shaking when it stops..?
your rotors are warped. they need to be %26quot;turned%26quot;