Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Problem with my car.?

my ford feista keeps cutting out when i change down in to either 1st or 2nd. it doesnt stall or make any noise it just turns off. it also will stall if im not moving whether im in gear (with the clutch in) or not in gear, unless i keep the accelerator pressed in a bit.

ive taken it to 2 macanics. one cleaned something and the other replaced the oil filter, air filter and the sparkplugs. the second did stop it for a week ot two but its doing it agen.

a friend says her daughters fiesta is doing the same thing and that a friend had a simaler problem and it was something to do with a box under the car (know idea what it is)

he said to have it put on a digonostic machine.

so my Q's are.

Does any one know what is the problem with it and what needs to be done to fix it?


How much would it cost if i have to put it on a dignostic machine? (as my normal machinic aint got one) (uk prices please not dollers)

ThanksProblem with my car.?
Depends on the age of the Fiesta as to whether you will get much info out of a diagnostic reading. Ford garages will charge you about 拢45 - 拢60 plus VAT for a diagnostic reading but there are mobile diagnostic engineers around who will come to you and read the computer on your car - my husband does it. So check your Yellow Pages and and get a diagnostic reading first before you start changing parts and spending lots of money!Problem with my car.?
could be a fuel problemProblem with my car.?

need to be looking for air leaks

on the induction side

as these motors are a sealed circuit

idle control

any air leak will cause this problemProblem with my car.?
depending on the year you can take to a autozone parts store and they plug it in for no charge.Problem with my car.?
It could be the mass air flow meter/sensor. The same thing happened on my Audi A3 (Specific makes have specific problems but the fact is that cars are cars and they all work the same). It cost me 拢140.00 to go on the diagnostic machine and get it fixed (But that was a back street garage who specialise in VW and Audi), main dealers would charge near 拢100 just for the diagnostics as they make you pay for the use of the machine PLUS 1 hour of labour for the mechanic to sit in your car pressing buttons on the machine.

As you can tell my advise (As long as the car is out of warranty) is to find a local mechanic who knows Fords - there are loads around if your prepared to go down the back streets rather than shiny dealerships, you will be amazed at the savings.