Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sparkplug gap mustang 2000 v6 wrong?

i replaced my sparkplugs for my mustang and they were all gapped at around .063

these spark plugs were put in before i bought the car, and i think the dealership had them changed

i know its supposed to be .054, and thats what i put the new ones at, but why would those be so far off...and how would that affect the car's performance then and now and how would the difference wear the car down?

basically, my question is, is it a big deal that they werent what they are supposed to be?

thanksSparkplug gap mustang 2000 v6 wrong?
Not a big deal, but if you're concerned, its easy to pull the plugs and re-gap them to the correct gap!Sparkplug gap mustang 2000 v6 wrong?
Modern coils are quite capable of firing an extra .009 gap with no ill effects. It was just a mistake by someone.You have nothing to worry about.

MikeSparkplug gap mustang 2000 v6 wrong?
You can gap the plug more until the point where the coil doesn't produce enough spark to jump the gap. Which will result in a misfire. With a bigger gap, you can burn fuel more efficiently, but it can make it harder to start on colder days.
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